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Guestbook for schultzdigital
I am so impressed by the fashion portfolio you have done with the sports cars. The lighting were of those high end magazine types and the editing skills are also something to be mentioned about. Even the monochrome frames were so brilliant to watch.
7.Dave "Santa" Pauley(non-registered)
Thanks for taking pictures of the "Toys for Tots' event in Scottsdale yesterday! I look forward to seeing them soon! Happy Holidays!
5.Patrick Neve(non-registered)
Your work is epic to say the least. I noticed your work being displayed in Pita Jungle on Bell Rd and I just had to express my appreciation for this kind of modern art. I have been waiting to come across some modern art that would compliment my design studio (other than my own), and I have found it! :-) Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing what else you create.
4.David Spykerman(non-registered)
WOW! your work is gorgeous. Everything from composition to lighting is so dynamic and interesting. Thanks for the eye candy! Dave
3.PURE Photos(non-registered)
Amazing architectural photography!! Great HDR look! I'm really wanting to get into architectural photography myself, but I just don't know enough about that specific field to stand out like you do. Hope to meet you soon (my name is Corey Johnston). Gavin Giesecke referred me to you. :-)
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